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clientuploads/News Images/Picture2.jpgAnthony came to READS as a 7-year-old in first grade. Anthony had difficult writing in addition to not recognizing some letters. Being at Y READS has made him more interested in reading then before. He has become calmer during writing his homework and reading to others. Anthony now likes to write, use the puppets as well as reading.

“Anthony is a very hard working student. This year he has improved his abilities and has graduated from the YREADS program!" said his site director, Linda Ware.

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At the start of second grade, Chylei was enrolled in YREADS at Englewood Elementary. Initially her ability to read wasn’t good; she had letter reversals and couldn’t identify letters. Now, though, Chylei can put consonants together to make blends along with remembering phonics rules. Chylei is becoming more confident in her abilities every day. Her focus on homework isn’t as much of a struggle as before since starting YREADS. This all is attributed to all the extra teamwork of school, YREADS and home support which is helping her to succeed, said site director Amy Morales.


clientuploads/News Images/Picture4.jpgBefore coming to YREADS Christian, 8, read very slowly. Since then the third grader has had much reading growth and his behavior at school has improved.

“Overall, I have seen a great deal of improvement in behavior, level of reading and desire to read. Where he was once shy about reading, he now willingly participates and wants to lead his group,” said Amy Morales, his site coordinator. 



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 Zachary, 9, came to YREADS as a third grader. He was several years behind in his reading level and was limited to words like “I or me.” Since being at YREADS Zachary can now read sentences well in addition to sounding out words using phonics where before he couldn’t. YREADS has made Zachary feel better about himself where he now initiates reading with his mother and older sister. His favorite activity is to work and read to Miss Kyra, his mentor.




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