Bonnie Judy

clientuploads/News Images/BonnieJudyL.jpgWhat everyone wants to know from Bonnie Judy, is what she eats for dinner. “I don’t count calories,” says the 61-year-old water aerobics and group exercise instructor. “Sometimes I’ll joke with my class about the great pizza I had the night before.”

Joking aside, Bonnie fits into an average day the amount of exercise that the average person completes in a week. “I have to keep moving. I can’t stop,” she says.

Bonnie’s typical week goes something like this:

Mondays: Three hours of water aerobics classes in the morning and a Free Motion class in the evening.

Tuesdays: Three hours of water aerobics, Gut Busters class, Kickboxing class (as a participant), Women’s Fitness in the evening.

Wednesdays: Three hours of water aerobics, line dancing class, another water aerobics class at Venitian Gardens, spinning (as a class participant) and Free Motion (and sometimes Zumba).

Thursdays: The same as Tuesday, and also add in another line dancing class at the Nokomis Community Center.

Fridays: Three hours of water aerobics inthe morning, then line dancing (her “light” day)

Saturdays: Attends Pump it Up and Step Aerobics classes, then teaches deep water aerobics, plus she coordinates pool parties at the Venice Y.

On Sundays Bonnie and her husband of 42 years, Manford, attend First Baptist Church and then she relaxes at the beach.

“It’s a fun way to work,” said Bonnie, who raised four children as a stay-at-home mom in Ohio before moving to Venice in 2005 to care for her parents. “I so much love the work that I do here. I won’t leave until they throw me out.”

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