Retraining the Brain and the Body

clientuploads/Stories Images/JerryOstoin.jpgAfter a lifetime career as a high school principal in Michigan, Jerry Ostoin planned to retire in Florida and spend time playing the drums semi-professionally. But when the 67-year-old had a severe stroke three years ago, he had to focus on rebuilding his body, which some doctors said would be next-to- impossible.

With his doctor’s permission, Jerry began working with YMCA personal trainer Lucia Elsadek. Exercise helped not only Jerry’s body by building strength and balance, but also his memory with tasks like counting repetitions and recalling routines.

Today Jerry has nearly full use of his left arm and he is playing the drums again, as well as driving his 1998, Bahamas' blue-colored corvette.

“Jerry is resilient. He won’t quit,” said Lucia. “He’s proof that the mind and the body have to work together to be successful.”


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