Venice YMCA

Youth Enrichment Activities

Youth enrichment activities at the Y are based on building a better community for our youth. In Venice, we currently Emotion Management Education for Youth, more information is below!

Emotion Management Education for Youth

Teaching your children new ways to better handle their behavior can be challenging but is a hugely important life skill that will help them to experience a happier, more successful and well-balanced adulthood. In this small group setting, children will learn techniques on how to express feelings, needs, or frustrations in a constructive way as well as learning about empathy and how to handle bullies and cyberbullies. Learning is achieved through games, activities, and discussion.

Program Details:
• Meets once a week for 45 minutes for 8 weeks
• Includes Pre, 4 Week, and Post parent meetings with Facilitator
• Children between the ages of 9—12 qualify for the program
• Program Cost: $25 for Members & $50 for Non-Members
For More Information: Call 941 375 9123, Email Jane Martin or click here!