We appreciate everyone's actions contributing to our family atmosphere. Concerns with behavior or rules can be addressed with your Y's management staff. 


Proper attire is required in the Wellness Center. This means men and women must have shirts (tank tops are permitted) and pants or shorts. Bathing suits are not permitted on the Wellness Floor. When in the fitness area (cardio floor, free weight and strength and stretch areas), closed-toed, athletic shoes only are permitted. In certain group fitness classes that are done barefoot or in socks (i.e. Pilates, yoga, Tae Kwon Do), slip on shoes may be worn into class.


  • When you’re finished with your weights, please don’t leave them lying on the floor. Put them back on the racks or stands. Weights and dumbbells on the floor create a dangerous environment, causing possible injuries to members. Re-racking your weights makes it easier for you and others to find what you are looking for next time, too.
  • Wipe down your equipment each and every time you use it. Help reduce the spread of germs and contamination. Please be sure to spray the towel, not the machine. Spraying the machine not only can cause damage to any electrical or metal parts, but you also risk indirectly spraying another member.
  • Don’t train without your towel for your health benefit and for those of your fellow members. Placing a towel on equipment before sitting or laying on it will protect you from contact with potentially harmful germs.
  • Please don’t use profanity or be disruptive to others. Be courteous of other members and remember your manners. 
  • Don’t drop your weights. Dropping weights causes injury to the floor, to you and potentially other members. You should always be in control of your lifts. Use of a spotter is strongly recommended when lifting weight close to your maximum.
  • Be respectful of other members. If a member is waiting to use a machine, limit your cardio time to 30 minutes. If using the strength machines, don’t sit and hold a machine. Allow others to work in with you.


Children are the heart of everything the Y does. To keep them safe, please observe these rules:

  • No children under 11 are permitted in the Wellness Center. Babysitting (child watch) services are available for 90 minutes per day while a parent remains at the Y. Your children may also play basketball, billiards or go swimming. 
  • Kids 11-12 may use the Wellness Center after completing a “Preteen Fitness Class.” The class consists of 4 sessions with a Personal Coach. They must complete all classes and take a written and practical test. Upon successful completion of the tests, the child will be given a card that serves as their pass to use only the equipment they went over with the coach, and only with direct adult supervision. This means the adult must be near them, watching as they use the machines. 
  • Preteen Fitness Classes are held on Tuesdays from 6-7 p.m. and are four weeks long. The cost is $25 for members. Register at the front desk prior to the first class. 
  • Children ages 13 to 18 may be left unattended at the Y for no longer than 2 hours.

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