Early Learning Centers

Children in our Early Learning Centers are provided opportunities to develop an understanding of self and others and to develop mentally, physically, socially and emotionally. The YMCA programs support and strengthen family relationships and provide a sense of community with other families.

Our curriculum encourages children to grow intellectually by experiencing a wide variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials as well as their own interests in the context of life. We aim to educate all the children on the cultural diversity of our community. Our Early Learning Centers develop daily lesson plans by using the Creative Curriculum and incorporates hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom on the playground and in nature.

Our mission is to cultivate each student’s capacity for lively, independent thinking, artistically viewed feelings and moral courage for responsible actions. We are dedicated to the unfolding of every individual potential as talented and able human beings.  We strive to enrich each student’s capacity for imagination and aim to inspire a love of learning and reverence for life. Our goal is to educate so that our students are confident and eager to enter a life of individual initiative and social responsibility.

Health and Wellness are a priority for our Early Learning Centers. We actively promote and participate in the YMCA’s national Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Standards (HEPA). Breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack are provided at all locations.

We venture to meet parents’ and children’s’ needs by offering a safe, accessible, affordable program staffed by competent, responsible caregivers who understand and meet the needs of children. All staff meets local, county, state and YMCA regulations regarding qualifications and experience necessary to be employed as childcare staff.


The centers serve children ages 6 weeks to 12 months. It is at the discretion of the center and parents when the child is developmentally ready to move up to the toddler room after turning 12 months. Our infant care program schedule is based on your child’s needs and home schedule. We work with families to coordinate schedules between home and school to make your child’s stay with us positive. 


The toddler centers serve children ages 12 months to 24 months. Our program is an active play program that offers to learn through play in a teacher-initiated/child initiated setting.  


The preschool centers serve children ages 2 years to kindergarten. Our preschools are proud to provide caring role models and age-appropriate experiences that nurture your child’s growth, encourage positive behavior and help them to develop a strong sense of right and wrong. 


Our YMCA is a proud participant of Florida’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Program at our Venice YMCA location. To apply for a VPK certificate, contact, Early Learning Coalition Center, 941.556.1600 www.vpkflorida.com Once you receive your certificate from the Coalition, bring it to the YMCA Preschool to enroll.

Please visit us at any time to tour our preschools, meet our teachers and talk about our curriculum. We also offer special preschool swim lessons and other programs to help your child develop their motor skills to the fullest potential. 


701 Center Road, Venice
Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 6:30am - 6:00pm
Contact: 941.375.9122
Fees are based on membership status, income level, and part-time or full-time care
License Number 58-51-00125


101 Triple Diamond Blvd., Venice
Hours: Mon. - Fri.: 4:30am - 7:00pm
Contact: 941.480.0170
Special rates may apply
License Number 58-03-1830272


22416 Glass Lane, Charlotte Harbor
Hours: Mon. – Fri: 6:30am – 6pm
Optional Wrap available
Contact: 941.629.2220
Fees are based on membership status, income level, and part-time or full-time care
License Number C20CH0034


27200 Kent Road, Bonita Springs                       Contact 239.221.7560