Spring Swim Lesson Registration now open!



It's that time of year. Swim lessons are back!

There are six levels, from beginning swimmers with little or no experience (learning to float and put face in water) to advanced swimmers (learn flip turns and all four swim strokes).

All children will receive a free swim skill evaluation prior to the start of the lessons. This will ensure your child is placed in the correct level. All children are encouraged to attend the evaluation or contact Andrew Bramlett at 239-221-7560 ext 116 or abramlett@bonitaspringsymca.org for a make-up time. Evaluation will take no longer than 10 minutes, come any time during the designated evaluation time slot


Group Swim Lessons (Ages 6 months – 12 years) :


Spring 2017 Weekday (Monday+Wednesday) Sessions: 6 Lessons / 30 minutes 

  • Session 1:  April 10th - April 26th
  • Session 2:  May 8th - May 24th

Spring 2017 Saturday Sessions: 4 lessons / 45 minutes

  • Session 1:  April 8th - April 29th
  • Session 2:  May 6th - May 27th

Cost is $35 members  ($70 non-members)


Sign up at the front desk or call 239-221-7560

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