Teresa - Venice YMCA

clientuploads/Success Stories/VENICE/IMG_4497.jpgWhen Teresa first came to a Venice YMCA group exercise class in 2008, she could barely walk because of the knee and back pain she had from carrying more than 100 pounds of extra weight. But she knew she needed to exercise to improve her health, including a non-alcoholic liver disease that was spurred by obesity.

Although self-conscious on her first visits, Teresa persisted, exploring whatever classes fit into her varied schedule as an emergency veterinary technician.  The support of others in Step or Zumba classes kept Teresa accountable, especially if anyone noticed she was absent for more than a couple of days.

Teresa has now lost 120 pounds over four years and visits the Y four to five days a week. She is also controlling her liver disease without any drugs – just proper nutrition and exercise.

“It’s not easy,” Teresa said. “But I feel much better and I look forward to the classes. They remind me it’s not all about the scale.”

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