Heather - Fort Myers YMCA Stories/FM/IMG_3699.jpgIn May of 2013, Heather’s husband and father of their three boys – all under age 6 – passed away after an arduous battle with a rare sarcoma. Heather left her professional career to care for the children and found herself turning to the Fort Myers YMCA for support in ways she hadn’t imagined when her family was only involved in the Y’s youth soccer league.

Heather knew she needed some “me” time at the Y and applied for a short-term scholarship to help with finances during her family’s transition. “I had to keep my head on straight for our three little boys.”

She started taking group exercise classes while her boys were in childcare at the Y, where she felt they were safe and cared for. Over time Heather improved her health, even reducing her cholesterol, and found a new place for her family to belong.

“I feel stronger than ever, have made new friends and established a routine again for the kids and myself.” Heather said.

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