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Caroline Clabaugh is pure energy. When she enters a room, her smile leads the way, followed quickly by her laugh and an energetic, “Hello!”

Classmates in her yoga and boot camp classes at the Englewood Y have embraced Caroline since she joined the Y three years ago (Early risers, she says, are a “pretty jovial bunch.”).


As a social person, Caroline sought out the  Y when she came to the area. “When I first moved here, it was a place to meet local people,” she said. Being at the Y also helps Caroline with her job as a marketing consultant with Harbor Style magazine. “Early in the morning is when the local business people are exercising as well as the early risers who are retired business people and are still programmed to get up early.”


In addition to yoga and boot camp you’ll find Caroline in Spinning and BODYPUMP classes on Saturdays (unless her husband has other activities planned), as well as on the treadmill and lifting weights.


Caroline says the one word that would describe her life without the Y is “boring!”


“I am a very active person and need to burn off stress energy.  I would probably have high blood pressure and be a diabetic like my dad as well [if I wasn’t active],” she said. “Here's to exercise!”



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