Y lifeguard Emma Bruno saves a life!

clientuploads/DSCF4226l.jpgY lifeguard Emma Bruno decided to get down from the lifeguard chair at the right moment last month. As she started to walk around the pool deck, keeping an eye on the swimmers, a woman taking part in the deep-water aerobics class passed out.

Emma’s four years of lifeguard training immediately kicked into action. With the help of a classmate the woman was lifted out of the water where Emma started performing CPR. It took two-and-a-half cycles of CPR before the woman was revived.

“I couldn’t even think. I just started doing what I knew I needed to do,” Emma said. “It wasn’t until a little while later after the adrenaline stopped that I realized everything that had happened.”

What had happened was that Emma, a student at Ringling School of Art & Design, had saved a life. Emma’s mother, Jamie Bruno who is an instructor at our Y’s preschool, is proud of her daughter. “She was a little shaken up afterward,” Jamie said. “Her dad brought her roses and I brought her some chocolates.”



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