Diabetes Prevention Program

clientuploads/News Images/Woman_blueshirt.jpgThe Diabetes Prevention Program focuses on prediabetes. At this early stage, blood sugar levels are elevated, but not so high they can’t be lowered. Lifestyle changes are the key. By taking practical, everyday steps, it’s possible to reverse prediabetes and avoid type 2 diabetes and associated dangers such as heart attack, stroke, blindness and even amputation.

Here are some words about the program from graduates right here in Venice & Englewood:

Susan Baker, 71

Diabetes runs in my family, so I new I needed to enroll.

Ron Boring, 67

This class was one of the most important things that I’ve done for myself in a long time.

Steve Vilegi, 69

I lost 7% of my weight and gained confidence that diabetes can be kept at bay.

Elaine Murphy, 61

This program is a lifesaver! My husband has diabetes and I was heading in the same direction. I saw success quickly and realized I could change my destiny.

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